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Hi, I'm Sara!

An outcome driven product manager who is passionate about building products people love 

About me

I've worked for international startups in the areas of product management, customer satisfaction, and user experience for the past 6+ years. 

I've been involved in developing and launching various software products, including a cryptocurrency wallet, a product customization platform for some of the world's biggest brands (Louis Vuitton, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein), and Products for the Order Tracking Pages of leading food delivery apps across the world. 


I'm currently a product manager at Delivery Hero where I lead the Time Estimation and Order Tracking Experience team to provide better takeaway experiences.   

OKR Champion

I have successfully implemented OKRs for new teams. This provided alignment and autonomy to teams.

UX Design

I've played an important role in the UX decisions for new and existing products, including a crypto wallet.

HTML, CSS , Javascript

I have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, and am able to build simple websites with these tools.

Team Lead

I've been responsible for consolidating ideas and information across international cross-functional teams to make informed product decisions. 


I have learnt to communicate effectively with a wide range of different audiences during my time as a product manager.


Not just a cliché - I love involving customers early on to incorporate feedback and make necessary adjustments.


I use this tool everyday with the engineering teams to plan sprints and maintain our backlog.


I use Asana as a personal tool to ensure the organisation and timely completion of my tasks

Google Analytics

Basic knowledge of Google Analytics, including generating reports. 

Google Drive

My go-to tool to collaborate on presentations, documents, surveys and sheets. 


I'm able to search for the information I need and create meaningful reports with it.  

Spanish, English

I am a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and proficient in French.

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