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Product customization for the world's biggest brands

Product management 
The product

ConfigureID is a product configuration software that helps some of the world's biggest brands create delightful experiences for their users. It was acquired by Astound Commerce in 2018. 

Some of the brands that have trusted us to run their customization programs and I have to work with frequently are Louis Vuitton, Ray Ban, Oakley, Pandora, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. 

At ConfigureID, we work everyday to deliver the most engaging experiences with photorealistic image quality, and excellent performance worldwide. 

How I contributed
  • Introduced OKR methodology to improve alignment across teams and to set clear goals and objectives for the company. 

  • Helped optimized our financials by reducing our infrastructure costs by 40%.

  • Focussed on creating more immersive experiences, e.g. launched our new 3D technology in partnership with some of our customers, with great results (25% increase in conversion). See our new 3D technology in action here. 

  • Engaging with internal and external stakeholders to keep the product teams informed and gather markets insights.

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